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[Key Box Space] The key box is large enough to store not only emergency keys but also car and truck keys it can meet the needs of families and small office. The neat arrangement of key tags can make you find the key you need quickly and reduce the probability of taking the wrong key.

[Digital Key Box Unlock Ways] The key box can be use OTP /Fixed password , Bluetooth and Emergency key unlock. You can connect with the phone through Bluetooth to set the validity period of the fixed password. About Wi-Fi remote unlock & fingerprint unlock, they are need requires separate purchase o

[Key Box Safe Design]OTP(one-time password) is a widely used technology that can prevent password leakage and forget.You can learn about the usage record of the password in the phone app. The metal Lockbox is made of 0.6mm steel plate which cannot be violently disassembled in a short time.

[Key Box Battery Install]The key box use 2 AA alkaline batteries, Battery compartment is located outside for easy replacement when the power runs out but it is very difficult to remove/steal the batteries if you only use your hands without any tools. The waterproof grade is IP44, and additional wate

[Key Box Wall Mount Applicable Place and After Sales] Ideal for school,car sale company, office, apartment complexes, rental management companies, car lots, body shops etc.If the key lock box you receive is dented or faulty, please contact our after-sales mailbox immediately. We'll deal with it to y


Exterior Finish:sandblasting process paint surface

Material:All-steel case

Water Resistant:General waterproof

WeHere Key Lock Box (16 Keys) with APP, Steal Large Key Cabinet Wall Mount,Elect

SKU: D0102HAEHEW-1pcs
Excluding Sales Tax
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